Taos Soccer Club 8v8: 8v8 Rules
The Taos Soccer Club Summer Co-ed 8 v 8 Rules
The Taos Soccer Club adopts the Laws of FIFA, USSF, and the New Mexico
State Soccer Association (NMSSA) rules, including the USSF Administrative Rules, except as they are modified herein:
·       Games consist of two 35-minute halves and a 5-minute halftime.
·       The first game each evening will begin play at 6pm; the second will follow at 7:30.
·       Teams must begin play at these times short handed or not.
·       Official club games will all take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
·       Teams field eight players a side.
·       The goal dimensions shall be 4.5 feet tall by 9 feet wide.
·       No goalkeepers will be allowed or are required.
·       Teams should bring at least one good quality properly inflated ball to games.
·       All players are required to wear age appropriate protective shin guards and socks which cover them.
·       The field dimensions will be approximately 70 yards in length by 50 yards wide.
·       Either side may make substitutions on all corners, goal kicks, goals and injuries but at no other time.
·       No offside rule will be enforced.
·       The penalty area consists of a 20-yard semicircle.
·       Goal kicks may be taken from anywhere along the goal line within the penalty area.
·       No opponents may be in the penalty area while a team takes a goal kick.
·       The ball must leave the penalty area before being played by either team.
·       The team taking the goal kick may have as many players inside the penalty area as they like.
·       Shots may only be taken from within the penalty area of the goal being attacked.
·       A goal kick will be awarded to the defense when a goal is scored from outside the penalty area.  A deflection off a defender within their penalty area is considered a live ball.  If the deflection results in a goal, the goal stands.
·       If a ball deflects off a defender from outside the penalty area and rolls into their goal the opposing team is awarded a corner kick.
·       The attacking team may not pass into their opponent’s penalty area unless the pass originates from the defending team’s half of the field.  In other words, it is considered an illegal pass if the attacking team passes from their half of the field into the opposing team’s penalty area.  Any pass that deflects off a defender is considered a live ball and nullifies the illegal pass rule.
·       An indirect kick will be awarded to the defense at the spot where the attacking player receives the illegal pass.
·       If and when the ball’s momentum is spent following an illegal pass into the defense’s penalty area, the defense shall be awarded an indirect kick from the spot where the ball stops.
·       If the attacking team makes a pass from anywhere on the field into their own penalty area, the ball is considered live and the opposing team may play the ball without penalty.  If the “back” pass deflects off a defender, it is subject to the illegal pass rule.
·        No slide tackles or playing from the ground will be allowed.  Slide tackles will result in a direct kick.  (Remember:  goals can only be scored from within the penalty area).  Playing from the ground is considered a dangerous play and will result in an indirect kick.  (Remember:  a slide tackle is a defensive maneuver intended to win a ball from an opposing team’s player.  Thus, a slide to keep a stray pass from going out of bounds (when there are no opponents in the vicinity) or a lunge to block a shot or pass—so long as the shooter’s, passer’s or another player’s safety is not jeopardized by the slide—is not considered a slide tackle.  It is up to the referee to determine if the slide compromises a player’s safety.)
·       Penalty kicks will be taken from the penalty spot with no keeper, everyone but the shooter will remain on the opposite side of the field from the goal being shot on, and outside the center circle.
·       The penalty spot shall be marked with a line or circle 25 yards from the goal in the center of the field.
·       All penalty kicks not resulting in a goal become goal kicks; they are never live after being struck.
·       When any player receives a yellow card they must substitute out though they may substitute back into the game at a later substitution opportunity.
·       Players that shout obscenities will be warned.  If players persist with loud, audible obscenities they will be cautioned.  If players persist with foul language after being cautioned, they may be ejected (red carded.)  
·    A team may use TSC registered players from other teams, with their opponent’s consent, but concede a forfeit as the official result.
·       Player’s not registered with our league or the NMSSA may not participate in play.
·       Our minimum age is 14.  Potential players must be 14 by June 1st of the respective year in which they wish to participate.
·       We must observe all Town Of Taos Public Parks Rules and Regulations For Special Use including notably:
--No consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages at any time
--No glass containers allowed on the premises
--No unleashed dogs
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